Wednesday, December 31, 2014

So Long 2014! + Creepy Snow Peeps + Spider Magicians

Hi Jammers!
Happy New Year's eve to those of you who live in or near the US
(aka me :P)
To those of you who live way on the other side happy new year you lucky peeps :P

 OM Eeeeek!
Ahhhh I have wanted this item to come so badly! And now it has!
The glow! The wooden handles! The rope! The color! it is all just amazing!!!
My favorite of all the ones these Jamaalidays, great for den designs :3
hue hue hue
 Um, not trying to be like a critic but, this is creepy...
And since when does snow BEHOLD! Fire???
The eyelashes of the snow-woman scare me.
Then why do they have arms?! Aren't snow men supposed to have sticks???
And if you look closely at the snowman
AJHQ forgot to put the snow in under the furthest back arm...
 Winter Lit Wall
Items: 10
Icicle Lights: December 31st
Snowflake Banner: Jamaaliday Rescue
Carnation: 400 gems x2
Lit Palm: Jamaaliday Jam Currently Unavailable x2
Paw Ornament: 350 Gems x3
Pirate Chest: 200 gems
Total: 1,850 gems
Note: This design is non member! Kinda like how cupcake00014's member status is sadly :(
But anyways, this design is best placed on a wall.
 Winter Year End!
Items: 8
Lit Baobab: Jamaaliday Jam Currently Unavailable x2
Jamaaliday Hedge: December 1st
Jamaaliday Planter: 400 gems x2
Wolf/Star Firework: New Year's Party 2015 350 gems x2
Total: 1,500 gems
Note: This design is best placed inside in a corner wall like: ^
or outside in the middle of open grass.
Ahhhh! Spiders are magicians!!!!! They have affected our decor!!
How come I can see all the little mistakes AJHQ does so clearly! D:
What will the spider magicians affect next?
Find out next year!
Did I get yeah? :D

Peace, Wonder, Magicians.

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