Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Messed Up Rescue and Adorable Overload X3

Hi Jammers!
Sorry for the delay, couldn't manage to fit in time :P
Today we all shall get the most (in my opinion) adorable thing I have EVER set eyes on OMG! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! The penguin! It's scarf and the shimmering eyes on the snowman and penguin!!!!
Baaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I am gonna die of adorableness!!!!!
(If I just ended the post doe)
Well hello old friend, you still ow me. Give me your cookies! Put your hands u... Wait you do have them up... *awkward silence*
Anyways this is always the great item you can place at your den cause it's old fashion style in Animal Jam designs, making a great fit to designs!
Um tree... you don't talk...
Ok you still don't... Umm this is werid... Why have you summonsed me here?
*moves along*
Umm... what the crab legs of the Salty Pacific Sea!? I got over 0 gimme all da chest ):3
Hue hue hue.
Sweet Bell
Items: 5
Giant Bell: Jamaaliday Rescue
Leaf Rug: 350 gems
Giant Candy Cane: 250 gems x2
Thin Pine Tree: Jamaaliday Rescue
Total: 850 gems + Patience
Note: This design is best for outside near the entrance of a den!
Colored Welcome!
Items: 4
Giant Gumball Machine: 850 gems
Jamaaliday Rug: Dec 16th
Jamaaliday Shrub: Dec 1st x2
Total: 850 gems + December
Note: This design is best places near after an entrance to the inside of a den!

(I will be starting Den features and it will be changed every Update! Either tell me in the comments a den you think is really epic or your own epicly designed den! The featured den will be the one I think is best that has been sent to me in between the update!)

P3ac3, L0ve, Math.
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  1. :( I missed out on the hot cocoa set. It is really cool though! Btw I'm wolfprincess675, I'm on my mom's computer right now :P

    1. I got a hot cocoa set now. Traded for it. Btw that comment really is me :P


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