Sunday, December 14, 2014

Bad Tasting Socks l:U

Hi Jammers!
Sorry for so much delays lately!
I am more on YouTube on weekends :P
Today's Jamaalidays present brings us an already seen item once again from our newest adventure!
The Candy Cane Socks might sound good.
But trust me *cough* *cough* they definately aren't! Bluck!! I got thread on my tongue!
I feel like ajhq was gonna make a  Jingle Bell Collar seeing the front bell is on a spike XD
Well, necklace. Spike. Who cares it is seen on animals the same as a spike collar which is awesome!
Woo nm collar!
I don't see why ajhq didn't release this in the Jamaaliday Jam, they literally had it there last year... I think.
Eh, who cares I guess.
I looks like a rip-off m&m lol and don't forget the under coat of frosting XD
Snow Scened Couch
Items: 6
Snow Couch: Jamaaliday Rescue
Thin Pine Trees: Jamaaliday Jam x2
Lit Baobab Tree: 250 gems
Lit Palm Tree: 200 gems x2
Total: 650 gems + Load of Time
Note: This design is best placed inside a snow Scened house but not outdoors cause it might seem a little silly!
Aww man :(
I really like the Egyptian stuff. It made you look rich XD but seriously this is what I voted for in the thing and it makes great designs! Even though I haven't made any with it... Oh yeah and paintings, bye I guess.
Leaving: Saturday, Sunday, Next Monday, Next Tuesday, Next Wednesday & also the top will leave Next Thursday (update).
Not sure if I did this item last week...
Leaving: Today (DA YOU DERP FACE!)

P3ac3, L0ve, Math.
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