Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Jackalope says Sorry (for posts)

Hi jammers. I am terribly sorry for not posting yesterday I completely forgot to. Anyways I didn't use much time on this drawing but it came out great!
Jackalope :D
Peace, Love, Math.

Monday, February 24, 2014

RIO - Lazy Eye

Hi jammers! Today's rare item is the rare steampunk monocle. Pretty long name if you ask me. Oh and sorry for not posting I have been being quite lazy.
Lazy Eye
Rare Steampunk Monocle: 950 gems
Total: 950 gems

Peace, Love, Math

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Eagle Actions

The annoying thing:

Eagles... EVERYWHERE. Literally.

Hey jammers! Eagles have come! And with it a new journal.
Diamond shop sadly not all can get it luckily I saved mine up and so did cupcake. Here are my eagles
*flips page*
Emerald ring, cool but a little too square... Oh dragon gloves are back let's see the raging rare freaks now.
An ad no one cares about…
Swoopy Eagle is a copy of the rage quit game Flappy Bird which was taken down from the App Store. I forgot to check out the chat system today and I can't til a little while because…
It's for every world which there are only 5... FIVE!
For a second i thought they ment new lands no they literally can go into unexplored areas they can go EVERYWHERE!
Unopened adventures...
Swoopy Eagle is also above the entrantence by the snake.
Hi Mr. Elephant!
Peace, Love, Math.
More about update when I can get on a non full world.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Items Leaving Tomorrow

Hey jammers! just wanted to show you the leaving items. I made a big and I mean BIG picture of them.
Wow 26 leaving items! Hurry! They wont be back until next Presidents/ Valentines Day. There is new art in the page My Artwork by the way. (if you wont to use them go ahead just don't say that you fully made it)

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentines Day (late) Outfit

Hi jammers! Good news and bad news. The good news is I got a snow day! The bad news is I got a blizzard bag (HW due 2 weeks after the snow day). Anyways here is today's post! 
Lovey Bird
Heart antennas- 300 gems
Right or Left Friendship Necklace- 350 gems
Cupid Wings- 450 gems
Elf Bracelets- 250 gems
Total: 1,350 gems

Ok, now I made up plushie art on the computer then I thought... I want to make a stuffed animal. I went to work and the first one wasn't very good so I made another and it also wasn't so good. Now I have made my first good one!
A literal red fox :3

Peace, Love, Math.

Monday, February 17, 2014

RIO - Rare Curly Wig (Week postings)

Hi jammers! Sorry this is very late I have had a busy day. Well as I said last week I had a lot of HW. Unfortunately that HW will be weekly but slighty different so I am changing Friday to what Tuesday should be so I can work on my HW better. Anyways on to the RIO.
Washingfox's Wife < I don't have a better title XD

Rare Curly Wig- 750 gems
Beaded Necklace- 450 gems
Topcoat- 450 gems
Total: 1,650 gems

Then I got some glitches in river race (in a den)
Does that mean Ready?
Go or Start idk who can translate this to NORMAL ENGLISH.

Peace, Love, Math.
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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Week Off Posting -Jammer49612

Hi Jammers! This week I have a lot of homework/HW that takes about an hour for me to do because they are letters and paragraphs. I have got a new paint but it's only a trial so expect many drawings. Anyways, I am taking a week off posting. See you monday!
Peace, Love, Math

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Spiritual Fire + RIO - Rare Friendship Bracelet

Hi jammers! Today the new Monday rare has came out. 
An Ordinary Friend
Head Flower: 350 gems
Beaded Necklace: 450 gems
Blanket: 350 gems
RARE Friendship Bracelet: 850 gems

Mira is alive.
Her spirit lives on in the fire. Once the greatest jammers celebrate near the fire, Mira's spirit grows brighter and brighter!
Her feathers are up above creating clouds with numerous precipitation. Let's make Mira proud and dance by her spiritual fire.

Peace, Love, Math

The Many Glitches of Jamaa

Hi jammers! I have found some very strange glitches. Mostly number glitches.
In the adventures we find 2 number glitches in the view others thing. I wonder what it means. Then someone a little while back estimated that it was jamaa's language. Probably is because it was almost everywhere in late 2013. Then next we have a lighting glitch.
As you can see the left it is the normal darkened space. Then on the right it is bright?! The strange glitches of jamaa. 
Oh and tomorrow with the Rare Item Outfit I am going to have another thing with it! Find out what it is tomorrow right when AJ gets the new item.
Peace, Love, Math.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Early Post for Sunday - My Upcoming B-Day Party!

Hi jammers! Great news! I am having a party! This party is for my birthday/B-day. My Bday is March 6th but it a Thursday (there might be an AJ update on my birthday!). A school day is not fit for a party so I am making it the Saturday after my bday. Here is some info...
Click on it to enlarge it. Oh and forgot to mention it will be hosted in my den! 
Peace, Love, Math

Friday, February 7, 2014

Item Ideas Topic: Dragons

Hi jammers! Today is the day I post my new item ideas. I feel like sticking on the topic dragons. There is a dragon mask and wings but not leg or tail item (or neck but what neck item would go with a dragon other than spikes).
Like them I drew it myself :3 So these you see are dragon claws and a dragon tail. I have a dragon outfit so these would go great with it. Next Saturday or tomorrow I feel like maybe doing the topic what we wear (what humans wear).
Oh and I am now going to have a new saying after my posts! 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Update - Non Mems Get More!

Hi jammers! What a wonderful day it is, the day after I froze myself after being outside for about 2 hours. So let's move on to topic.
A water den for nom members?! This is great! I can see the smile on my nom mem buddy's faces :3
*Turns page*
Wow! They have brung some water items to nom memberity! And a new welcome thing!
*Turns page again*
Oh wow my wings are gonna be famous *o* brb jammers gonna check out what today's item is. (I am only doing it this time no other time)
A den item then a clothing item. Sweet!
The eagle's beak seems a little off but in a way I love them so much! Safer Internet Day cool! Ok let's see how many people ignore it and scam that day.
This is great now if you are doing a project on animals or the world around you AJ Academy can help you a lot. Or just learn for fun with their worksheets and neat vids (I am sure not much of you play AJ for learning but it's fine I don't really either)
What a wonderful update if you ask me I will check out the friendship party soon to see if there are any added items. Bye jammers!
P.S. See some snow rollers :D