Saturday, May 31, 2014

Note for Jammers who think there should be no members

Hello jammers. I have been looking around at aj stuff and many comment say to have no members and have nm have ALL the rights. If nm had all the rights then there would be no more new jammers, no buying items, no buying new dens, no buying new animals, and any others things that include adding things to aj's data. 

Yes I do think that nm should have some more rights like free chat, past chat thing, sending gifts, nd 4 animal slots, but not all. If you want aj to keep running then you would have to help give them money but only if you want to, make sure you ask your parents/guardians first though. I am pretty sure ajhq realizes that the more they give to nm the more jammers are happy, including many members too. 

If I had to compare aj nm to club penguin nm, I would say aj nm are better. In club penguin nm can't even buy a single item or go to the monthly parties, once I got a account on club penguin I immediately quit the next day because it just wasn't fun as a nm. If you think ajhq is money hungry then look at Club Penguin hq!


Friday, May 30, 2014

Update Post Late + Today

Hi jammers! Today's item is a human ish item sadly.
Bleeeh. Looks werid 0,0. And the pockets are the only thing causing camouflage. 
Yesterday's item was the beutitfu vine rug! The flowers are wowzers! The detail is amazing! I love it!
The first page was the hyenas are here. It said they are sold in the diamond shop but they were also sold in the normal animal shop too! This only happened for a short amount of time so I never got one, sadly. But cupcake does have one. I actually hoping for cupcake to try to post this but I think she couldn't get most of the pictures from me.
The next page just showed AJ Jump was on sale by $1.00 less. I already had it so I didn't really care.
Yes fellows it's back! But not all of it is some items didn't come back.
All aviable items are shown above. As you look you notice there is not stegosaurs armor or lightning necklace. I am hoping these items come back later but for now we are left without.
Wait cruise ship party left? Never knew that. Oooo sale! Now they are normally priced :l.
I wish they kept the memebers only ones (not the new non member one) where they were. Now it's all werid. But the ocean den ones seem great!
As you probably can obviously see is spirit armor coming and Phoenix armor leaving, but I see some more. A whole set is coming! Yes they added a tail and a neck one too it! I only want to keep the tail of Phoenix armor :3.

I hope you fellows enjoyed!

Peace, Love, Math.
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Thursday, May 29, 2014

New jam-a-gram backgrounds!!

Here is some of the new ones like the crocodile.
Cheetah. And AJHQ spelled cheetah wrong....
Snow Leopard
Kangaroo and
These are some of the new jam-a-gram backgrounds.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Buttercup Daisy

Hi jammers! Today I am here with the item of today I actually went all out on it.
Explored A color, added text, and compared.
This item looks like the daisy rug with shading. And different colors. I'm thinking AJHQ might make another rare and make it the REAL buttercup rug. 
Now look this is the second color. Look familiar, too familiar.
Ah ha! They got just bout' the same colors. Only two differences shading and members only. Well nm daisy rugs XD.
First time using swag in my AJB posts. Seasons has found swag, everyone run!

Peace, Swag (sereiusly Seasons?!), Math.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hummin' with the Sunnin' Summer

Hi jammers! Great news the hummingbirds have returned where I am for the Summer hotel stay. To stay one day you need 1,209.6 grams of food per day (24 hours). 
Before we showcase the hummingbirds let's move on to today's item.
Wow, a perfect item for the topic now let's go check it out for any hummingbir...
Seems like Old even beat the butterfly. Silly little guy! Let's let him sleep we probably not find a hummingbird on it today seeing his sleepiness.
Now let's move on to humming birds!
This picture was quickly token on top my backpack.
These were actually my quickest creation of a stuffed animal depending on how well I did. 1 hour and 27 mins! My personal record!
Well it only had 3 main parts (wings and body) and 5 additional parts (pupils, white part of eye, and beak. Counting both, just times my recordings by 2.

Peace, Love, Math.
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Monday, May 26, 2014

RIO Monday - Ice Cream Warrior

Hi jammers! I am so sorry for not posting all this time. I was really busy and my my took away my iPhone when I was trying to post something and then it was once deleted when I came back on (now). When ever I don't post I feel like I am letting you jammers down. 
Sorry from those of you who couldn't get a panda... Oh and the total for this is 1,040 gems.

In my opinion this RIM is not good because first of all its blue and white not many people would like a blue and white mustache to go incoordinate with all the colors. Second of all its hard to find realating items with it. 
My over all rating: 1/5
Today is a very memorable day. Today is the day to remember one and all that has served and died in the wars of all history. Epically WW2, many people from this country died in war due to this, and it wouldn't be good to just not thank them. 

For this very special holiday I hope for you jammers to take a break and go to look up on the web past heros from wars.

Peace, Love, Fallen Heros.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Animal Jam Times with Jammer49612

Hi jammers! It's me cupcake00014. I am going to tell you about how me and jammer49612 have fun together on AJ. Usually me and her like to play the new adventure, the Forgotten Desert, together. Or sometimes me and her do games together while she is recording for a video to put up on YouTube. Other days we play games in Jamaa that we made up and/or trade in Aldan. One game we made up is a game called Forgotten Buddy Hide-n-Seek. Maybe you will want to try it with your buddies! How you play is you unbuddy your buddy your playing with and tell them to hide in any world. Remember check if you are in the same world as your buddy. Example: Cupcake00014 checked if she was in Zambezi since Jammer49612 was in Zambezi and Cupcake00014 was in Gila. So she changed to Zambezi. (It can't be any shops or water worlds.) Then you look for them and once you find them between around a minute you can hide in any shops or water worlds. If your buddy finds you around a minute again your buddy can hide in any shops or water worlds. DON'T CHANGE WORLDS! Example: Cupcake00014 is playing with Jammer49612 and Jammer49612 decides to go from Burke to Aldan. Finally Cupcake00014 decides to give up because she can't find Jammer49612 because Jammer49612 CHANGED WORLDS!!! Hope you enjoy this game and I hope to play it with you! (P.S. Remember to buddy you buddy again because one time me and Jammer49612 forgot to do that but eventually remembered and became buddies once again!) =) Also probably you just want to play with your buddies that you know very well but you can still play with other buddies you have in your buddies list. Well that's all I have right now. Bye Jammers!

Peace, Love, Cupcakes!
Inline image 1

A Jammer's Story

Hi jammers. I was thinking yesterday of a great plot for a story that involves Animal Jam and real life. I hope you like the first Chapter of my story!

If you want to know when I will post next one it will be every Wednesdays and Sundays. So I don't forget I will have a reminder on my phone.

Chapter 1:

Hi I am a average jammer that plays Animal Jam I have many problems I meet face to face in my aj life. My best Animal Jam friend I ever met is my buddy worldlonguser. Together we got in touch one day at Skype and make videos together often since then. We have been best buddies ever since I started Animal Jam. And have explored a lot together since then. 

"What a great day it is today! I am AchievingJamaa aka achievingmore on aj and I'm ready to show you a marvelous first video today!" I say opening my first video, "What do you have to say worldlong?"

"I agree! Can't wait to show the world my worldlong skills!" Says worldlonguser.


"Well anyways on this channel we will be trying to get all what Animal Jam has to offer like achievements and plushies." I say.

"Let's go for best dressed first Achieving!" Worldlong says.

"Okie dokie!"

World and I go and play best dressed and man oh man people dress random! And people must have voted the random people because we only won when we were random. Hopefully my mom gets me a membership so I can get more votes like how arctic wolves do. Just for now I will just let WorldLongUser be the member.

"Ok world, have anything else before I end?" I said.

"Yes." World said, "Always dressed random!"

"Lol, I know right." I said, "Hope to see again in my next video bye jammers!"

I click the done button on screencast-I-matic.

"That was a great first video am I right?" World says determined.

"Yes indeed. Get on at 7:00 pm or 5:00 pm your time ok?" I say.

"I will try we might I have dinner around then." 

"Ok just text if you can or can't." I replied, "I have to go to bed now, bye."


I click end on the skype call.

In my mind I was thinking what I should add and what I should stop. Then immediately I noticed I should add a box called the random box to show what things I'm talking about! 

I went right down stairs and got a post it note to write it down on. I also wrote to ask if she was in the beta days. I soon got to a post it note full of ideas to use for the next 5 videos. I was impressed of myself. It will let me have a great sleep tonight!

End of Chapter 1...

Sprinkler the Second

Hi jammers! Hope you liked Cupcakes's post yesterday, she will try to put in more post now.
Today we have before you the Fountain Sprinkler's younger brother Waterfall Sprinkler.

Yes. The sprinklers have a mama and a dada. I don't know who they are though.
Little, Little, Little, if you don't like water don't go in it!

You know how I have been doing edits? Well, I made some calculated edits.
The math warrior returns!
No one has more math knowledge! >:D
Sleep it on with the calculator. BD

Peace, Love, Math.
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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Map Mystery

This new region may be added to the world map. Me and jammer49612 don't know the world yet but hope to find out soon. I think it might only be a flying world but maybe not. We will investigate about this new world soon! Bye jammers!

Fountains 'n' Stuff

Hi jammers! You ready for today's item :D
This item was already discovered and obtained from some that played the eagle adventure. When I saw this I was like It's gonna be big!!! Then over I look Little is loving their bath (muhaha u will never know her gender, wait, oops.)
Wow I wonder if wolves mind baths. I dunno. Maybe tomorrow I can look that up.
Fun Fact: Did you know this glitch has existed for over a year?

When I got my first rare I was so happy my first rare was a white elf tail armour. I was so happy then a couple days later I got a fox hat. Months later I got a snow leopard and made a fox hat outfit. When I looked at this face thing the fox hat was not shown. I was very disappointed.

Peace, Love, Math.
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