Monday, May 19, 2014

!RIO Redo!- Ocean Warrior

Hi jammers! Today's item is a add-on to the previous rare item Monday. 
Umm... I am pretty sure everyone should know its the last day when its a rare item Monday AJHQ, but ok.. 

Let's just move on to the RIO now.
I am trying to use the app, Pic Collage, more for my photos. Hope you guys like them, it's hard to clip the photos well, but I think my new text style helps to show what is how much.

 The rares barely changed. Due to the adventure, The Forgotten Desert, many people think rares aren't rare anymore. This is where they are wrong. AJHQ didn't take out the previous rares at all but they brang them all back out again. Not in stores but chance. They only changed the amount of rare items but not the rareness because for example lets say there were 10000 spikes before the adventures, when the adventure came let's say it added 250 more spikes. This wouldn't happen to just spikes it would happen to every rare in jamaa. 
This is why the rareness of items have not changed.

Peace, Love, Math.
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