Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Lightning, Beach like Design

Hi jammers! I have stayed up today so a super early post. I got some good pics today!
Today's item is the returning, beloved lightning necklace. So glad it came back! But I kinda want stegosaurs armor back more. Oh well! At least I can make some lightning outfits now. Speaking of lightning
This is lightning. Not at day, not at morning not a earlier sunset, at night.
To prove look at the light on the far left house it is brightly glaring it would not do that at sunset sunrise or at day. Lightning is very bright and very hot so stay a where of your surroundings when your outside. Remember stay away from tall trees (little baby trees are fine) and metal-like things. Anyways let's go back to Animal Jam stuff
As I was searching for the item a glitch popped up at the carnival making me refresh. The weird part was, it was after 1:00 am Animal Jam time...
I always get this I never get anything else. It's so annoying!!! I have only got diamondas twice in 1 year!!! Two in one year! This is just messed up. The probability is messed up in this here spinning fellow. 

Let's head on to the den design

Beach Side Viewing
Bamboo - 200 gems
Baby Palm Tree x2 - 200 gems each
Wooden Chairs x2 - 350 gems each
Total: 1,300 gems

Peace, Love, Math.
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  1. I really wanna follow this blog but I can't cuz there's no join this site thing:(

    1. I had always been wondering how to get it and I just found out today sorry I couldn't find it sooner

  2. Ya me again! just wondering dont ya think the summer carnival items are sooo expensive, more expensive then epic items!

  3. Hey could you visit my blog maybe you could help out because we do need alot of help.

    1. Sure I will check it out but I might not be able to help out all the time since I am usually busy with sports, but I sure will try!

  4. But the cause of there expensive cost is the currency. tickets are very rare as they are only available till summer carnival so they are as expensive as they can be!


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