Saturday, July 5, 2014

Patched Couch and Fireworks

Hi jammers! I had amazing fireworks last night and not to mention, loud. I hope you also enjoyed your Freedom Friday!
Looks like today's item is what we guessed yesterday! This must have tooken more then just a few days to make, but since it's computer it probably took just a couple hours or maybe 4. Well let's go on and look at a pic I got of the fireworks.
If you look you can see a moon to the right of the red firework circle. The moon made it look just a lot better. I actually didn't know my city had THIS many fireworks since last year we didn't have enough money for the fireworks and the year before that it rained and became ruined to it. Those were the really sad days of the freedom day.
Todays funny pic Saturday is a little butterfly asking its mom Why they only have patched things. Kids are usually always picky (like me lol). I wonder what awesome thinks. He probably thinks "Kid, I'm not your mom!"
But I am sorry to say but unfortunately I have nothing else to say today.

Peace, Love, Math.
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