Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stars, Pillow, and Beta Alpha Cards?!

Hi jammers! Wow I have been lazy lately I got no excuse. Sorry!
Today's item is the lesser quality looking star pillow! I actually have a pillow just like that, I gotta get this now XD.
Now we got our Stylist Sunday!
Winter Ready Rabbit!
Knitted hat: recently tooken out
Moon Necklace: recently tooken out
Jamaalinday Bow: out of stores for season

So we this outfit is not really and easy one to get, trading is hard now a days due to picky jammers (I'm kinda picky :P)
Now have you ever seen these? Probably not because you'd have to be in the nat geo kids magazine in 2010 because one year they had a page full of all the Animal Jam alphas! I loved them so much! 
And as you might see behind each alpha is the beta lands of Jamaa! As you probably Appondale did not look like that (less edited in Animal Jam). I have had these cards for about 3 years and all but peck are in good condition. But these cards also had a back on them.
Just fun animal facts about what animals the alphas are and were.

Peace, Love, Math.
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  1. My brother has those cards when he used to get nag geo kids... So he has them and I have some from a nat geo kids this year

  2. My brother has those cards the alpha ones too and he's older now and doesn't read nat geo kids anymore but I've seen those and I have some 2 from the mag this uear


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