Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Freedom Friday!

Hi jammers! Happy Freedom Friday! Sorry for the lack of posts, but I still am active on YouTube! Click on the picture of my bunny on the left I think (lol I forget my own blog.)
Today's item is the next patched item, the patched chair! I bet tomorrow's item with be the long version of this. This must have tooken days to make since it takes like 5 hours to make my little sewn plushies! Speaking of plushies, I have made 2 new plushies! (I got new fabrics yay!) One of which is my bunny with no wings (I failed on them and took it off :P) Ok now let's just show em'
The penguin's belly would have been white but I ran out :3. They both each took about 3-4 hours to make, which is really short for what I have been taking when I first started sewing it took me 7-8 hours! Anyways let's go on to the Friday photo edit!
Today's photo edit is my bunny dreaming of the Freedom day fireworks. Oh! Right now I am at my town's fireworks! Can't wait! They will go off any second! Oh going on now bye!
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  1. How long will the pictures on the request take?

    1. I am having some busy times right now but I will work on them after this meet I have to go to for a sport


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