Monday, April 28, 2014

Hi jammers. I cannot post throughout the week I have been banned from my electronics for a week.

I am very sorry. I got them tooken away for personal reasons.

Saturday, April 26, 2014


Hi jammers. I haven't been getting that good of sleep throughout the weekend, and I didn't post on Friday due to an event taking place I had to go to.

I have been thinking and I have decided to take it easy and not post tomorrow.
I hope you understand

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Trident: The Mighty Sparkles

Hi jammers! Of course my alarm didn't go off yesterday and my mom woke me up late. So I rushed to get on the bus no able posting time at end of school either.
Oo shiny. So much pretty <3
Colors: Yellow, Red, Green, Black, Blue, White, Brown, Sky Blue, Dark Green, Pink.

Wow I just noticed its non member and it has 10 Colors! Not just 8, 10!
The worst part is some of the colors look like a redo.

Looks like they attract dolphins. Wow! It sparkles <3!!!

Peace, Love, Math.
Sorry this didn't post for some reason, sorry! :( and now it's a late post…

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Today 'n' Yesterday

Hi jammers! If I don't post it's because I woke up late for school. 
Today's item I have no idea what to use it for 0.0
Wow! It's that tall! Geeeeeezzz!
Hopefully that make a small one for those of you who are non member. (To me this makes no apparent sence.)
Yesterday's RIO was the Pirate Captain.
To me this item is for boy jammers.

Do you know what today is?
That's right! Earth Day!
Go outside and if you find trash pick it up and throw it in to a trash bin or bag.
Later today I will make a special edited or animated video for earth day.

Peace, Love, Math.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cherry Tree 'n' Rare Compete

Hi jammers! Hope you had a fun Easter if you celebrate it. If you don't hope you had a jamtastic day!
Todays item reminds me if my… old beloved tree. It was a crab apple tree, it was in the front of my yard. The first tree i ever owned. Then one year it had to be given away. Apartenly it was ruining what are yard looked like. It did not fit in and it was too big. 
My first tree is now gone :(
On better news, I am thinking of starting rare competes more often. My first rare compete was member gloves vs rare spikes. Even though member gloves came out first they were still being given to returning beta testers, making spikes the winner.
Today we have… *drum roll*

BETA rc car

Headdresses came out Nov. 2010 and got 4 new colors and the old ones in Nov. 2011.
RC cars came out in beta times. They costed 10 gems. They are called a "small" BETA.
Animal Jam is just like how economics works. Demand effects price. Headdresses are clothing items and more ppl like rare clothes then rare den items. RC cars are in less demand they are smaller than a bunny and didn't cost much.
Since demand effects price headdresses win.
So if u have a rc car and want a headdress add a medium BETA.

Peace, Love, Math.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Woven Shoes

Hi jammers! I have a soccer game soon so this will be quick.
Today's item is the (non member!) woven shoes. Sadly the nm can only buy the green color. 
If ur a member help out one and give them a colored one.

My new item idea is cookies. AJHQ made me so mad. They have been out for 3 years and had NO cookies.
I think the cookies should be in a bowl and when u click it it eats half of one. 
In total there should be 5 cookies and it takes 10 clicks to finish the cookies.
The item should be non member and 250 gems.

Peace, Love, Math.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Greely Dolls & New Pets!?

Hi jammers! Weekends are busy for me and I don't wake up at 6:00 am then, so the posts on weekends will be at night.
Today's new item is the final alpha doll, a very favorited Greely. :D
Choose your favorite, make it stand on a stone circle and surround it with fire drums and tiki torches and you got your self an alpha in an adventure with yo.

Yesterday's update included a mystery.
I went investigating and I was looking around at comments on videos about it.

One jammer said that they say the new pet out the day of the update and later on it was tooken out. 
The next day I look at another video about the update a comment said a jammer (please don't say their use I don't know if they want me to say it or not) had it. 
I looked it up, and they were correct.
Cheetah pets, snow leopard pets, and some other pet is coming!

Peace, Love, Math.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Terrible Wi-fi 'n' Updates

Hi jammers! Sorry I could not post I had tryed something new in the adventure leaving me to go to school without a post.
Cupcake00014 is extremely excited about giraffes coming back here is here outfit.
What do you like about Cupcake's Outfit? I like the way she matches the colors.
Our next page is a mystery what could they be? Must know! Looks at calendar to see when next update is... May 1st. Thank goodness it is not during my state assessment week.
Yeah I won't be posting May 5th - 7th. Sorry it just seems like tests are more important then posting. I mean like big tests not ticket outs or ticket ins.
This is what caused me to post late. I was doing the adventure and paid no attention to the time and I had to pack up and get on the bus. 
Something interesting about the chests the armor is in, is the order.
This is where the armor is and if u notice.
Its in the clothes order of the sort by thing.
The 22nd is coming up in.... A couple days get yo bags and pick up that trash yo see.

Peace, Love, Math.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wilderness Wednesday - Birds n Drums

Yellow jammers! Today is Wilderness Wednesday. I am also gonna see if my gif ed image will work.
Nope. Did
n't work :P Well anyways I am not much a fan of this and it doesnt really look like a "drum set".
It looks like just normal shells and coral to me...
This is a rock pidgeon. They are not common or rare they are uncommon. They hang around mostly cities, collecting what we drop, like french fies.

 This is a starling. I am sorry but i have not read much about these and I dont know their basic facts
This is a black capped chickadee. There is also a Carolina Chickadee which has the same look but not the same sound i couldn't hear it from inside, but I know it was a black capped chickadee for no reason :3 just kidding I know it by the obvious. They dont live where I do.

Peace, Love, Math.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today and Yesterday

Hi jammers. I am so so so sorry for not posting since Saturday. I have been busy with a soccer game and Sunday I was tired and then Monday I had a soccer game makeup. So you can tell why I couldn't post.
Today's item is not too much exciting to me cause I don't want to waste my gems on over priced water den items.
Something I recommend for you plushie lovers is to find a ice or shadow garden and layout your plushies in the chair and garden. 
If you have a claw than put it by the chair or in the arch thing.
Yesterday's rare is the rare leaf necklace.
It seemed kinda girly so I made a girly outfit. I also created a rare outfit like non of the items but the RIM.
I have no idea where I got the title now let's go on to what I wish I got to post yesterday 
Do you know how the recycling cost is lower than the original cost most of the time on nr items? Well I found the rule to them. A plushie sells for 15 gems times it by 3.3321 and get 49.9815 round it to the nearest whole and get 50 gems. A plushie costs 50 gems.

I just love math :D

Friday, April 11, 2014

De La Awesome Table Lar

Dis table is the fancy little thing that fancy people with love (a.k.a. Ppl the opposite of me XD)This  table also comes with another design which is this with no cloth. 

Oh and I forgot to take a pic of all the kangaroo plushies and I will lay them out tomorrow.
When to click the table furthest to the right you get a pesky little mouse sneaking around. Make sure u catch him before he gets your.... Hey! Give my strawberry back!

Are you a little teapot? Not me :3 
Click the table on the furthest left and you are nicely filled by this cup thingy majober.

I gotta say I really like this even though I am not fancy. It has many click features and is designed beautifully.
Design: 5/5
Creativity: 5/5
Color: 5/5
What do you guys think of it?
Peace, Love, Math.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Arctics 'n' Golf

Yo jammers! Today's new item similar to yesterday's
Needs to gets more gems >.<
Let's see what the AJB mascot thinks...
Looks like seasons is in a sticky situation.  Let's go check out my friend's den for which they have now layed out the plushies of de arctics.
Aaa seasons as happy as can be. Seasons is my bud :D
   If you wanna be happy you gotta show kindness. :)

Peace, Love, Happiness.
A good day is a happy day :D 

Golf :3

Hi jammers! Today's new item is golf :3.
Wonder what will be next let's estimate :D
Soccer? This thing: (# ") that a soccer ball
Or something else. AJHQ has been into dah sports :3
Happy: SHHH! I can make it!

Really happy, really!

Peace, Love, Math.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Rollin' Skateboard

Yellow jammers! Today we got a awesome new item!
Aww the skateboard. Hmm... Aah ha!
Oh gosh what was I thinking! Meh crazeh mind.
Well if you want this photo right click it and save it to ur photos or if u are on your apple device, tap and hold.

If you want to roll like pouncing just have 400 gems and buy this skateboard then get yo wolf out and dance!

XD what will my crazeh mind think up next see it tomorrow!

Peace, Love, Skateboards?! 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Rio Monday - Bunny Frost

Hi jammers! Aaaa, what a tired beautiful day. 
Today's Rare item, to me sounds like a troll like item. You wanna know why? Hint: Rare bows. This is a rare bow, a Troller would be like if someone asked for a rare bow, THIS IS WHAT THEY GET!

Well about this outfit, you can make the lightning bolt light blue or ice blue.

If you look on you YouTube I have a new video sadly on my iPhone I can't make a click here thing nor allow u to click it so you will just have to get to my channel by the click here for my channel thingy. Sorry!

Sorry for this quite short post.
Peace, Love, Math.