Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pet Eagles - ADORABLE!!!

Hi jammers! The more interesting update of the year so far. This includes various new stuff. Including a certain returning thing...
So... MUCH... CUTNESS!!! I had just enough to get one!
Zoom in' 
& Kickin'
I had some left over from the eagle pet on got three of this. Here take a look
Awesome BD! Then I had to get on my storeage to get the prize it never gave me my prize....
Last pic on thing on storeage.
Wow I failed I missed the new den. Can't go back now I have to hurry with this post before I go to school. And I am going to see the look on cupcakes face when she sees giraffes coming back. Their her favorite animal.
Not the best page of this but pretty cool. I love to have more space for dens. 
OMG I love the GeoBee! It is great for learning. My brother is very smart I think he should be in it. He is 14, not a fan of Animal Jam.
Don't ask... 

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