Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Today and Yesterday

Hi jammers. I am so so so sorry for not posting since Saturday. I have been busy with a soccer game and Sunday I was tired and then Monday I had a soccer game makeup. So you can tell why I couldn't post.
Today's item is not too much exciting to me cause I don't want to waste my gems on over priced water den items.
Something I recommend for you plushie lovers is to find a ice or shadow garden and layout your plushies in the chair and garden. 
If you have a claw than put it by the chair or in the arch thing.
Yesterday's rare is the rare leaf necklace.
It seemed kinda girly so I made a girly outfit. I also created a rare outfit like non of the items but the RIM.
I have no idea where I got the title now let's go on to what I wish I got to post yesterday 
Do you know how the recycling cost is lower than the original cost most of the time on nr items? Well I found the rule to them. A plushie sells for 15 gems times it by 3.3321 and get 49.9815 round it to the nearest whole and get 50 gems. A plushie costs 50 gems.

I just love math :D

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