Bird Facts

The mourning dove looks like a rock pigeon and chirps in the mourning the time when it chirps gave it its name!

These birds i see a lot at my feeder I hear them lots too! They lay about 2 eggs that are just white, they bob their heads when they walk, and I think their tweets sound like an owl. The male and female take turns on feeding and watching. the males finds food at day and watches the nest at night. Then the female finds food at night and watches the chicks at day. Their food is seeds and ground feeders.

And here is something funny... at my bird bath the birds drink at it instead of taking baths!

Ruby throated humming birds have a beautiful chest and they are amazing creatures my favorite thing about these birds is how they fly! Here are some facts...

These summer loving birds lay 2 white eggs without marks. They have bright glittering feathers. Also did you know the ruby throated humming bird has the least amount of feathers of any other bird! I see these birds at my humming bird feeder often. Small bird fast heart, its heart beats over 1,260 beats per minute! It only weights 2-3 grams!

And now the funny part... 1 year there were so many humming birds at the humming bird feeder that they fought over it!


  1. AWESOME FACTS!!!!!!! BTW, I LOVE ANIMALS!!!! Yeah, really cool facts ~hana40276~

  2. I really like this page. its really interesting!:-)

  3. Wow! Amazing and very interesting! I love birds ^-^


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