2013-2014 Artwork

Welcome to my artwork page here I will post the art I have made myself. I hope you like them!
This is a drawing I made of my bunny on animal jam.
Now one of my fox.
 worked hard on this one
 now one for the holidays :3
I got a snow day the day I drew this
Me and cupcake00014 :)
Just got bored and drew just now

Drew this during the holidays
Random drawing of a deer
Making a look AJ story coming soon! This is the cover picture.
Here are some Better paints from my better Paint thing:

Me as a pokèmon :P

First time trying out on realistic digital drawings on GIMP ☺↑


  1. I love your artwork, keep it up! :)

  2. Your really good at drawing! Keep it up! -Faolan64322

  3. I love your artwork! keep up the good job!

  4. I love seasons!! i hope to see her in jamaa!

  5. U R A BETTER ARTIST THEN ME!!!! ur pics must take a LONG time because ur so good!!!!!!

  6. Can u sketch my bunny my user is violet86271

    1. sure I will start it right now it will be on tomorrow's post!

    2. Please can someone take a picture of a green and black headdress for me please? It's for this picture I am editing for my Google+ acc. Please please!! :) btw awesome drawings, keep it up!!,

    3. Sure I will post it in tomorrow's post

  7. I love love love your drawings! when you will grow up im sure you can be so famous with your drawings!!!

    1. Na probably not because I see so many other people with much better ones but I may thx for the compliment :D

  8. I draw too! Btw, how do you make those animations!?!?

    1. It's kinda like a flipnote have one picture then make another and draw other pictures to get it into the other movement for a smooth animation but if you want more of a skip-ish animation then just keep a movement every so on
      I use a program that came with my computer to animate which it is called windows movie maker which I am sure you can download off the web.
      If you need more help I suggest searching on YouTube speedanimation or search how to 2D animate

      Hope this helps ^.^

  9. Replies
    1. Thanks :3 now that I think of it, I kinda need to update this XD

    2. Thanks :3 now that I think of it, I kinda need to update this XD

    3. No problem!

      I really need to update my pages too. X3


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