Requests: On and free

Hi jammers! You may request art from me here! If you get your art from me and claim that you YOU were the one who made it. I swear I will spam you with copyright notices on any social media you have.
Just don't claim that you drew it and I will be fine :)

Also if you don't have to much of ideas for how you want backgrounds or poses I will be sure to find a good pose and background to fit your animal :D



(Please include name!)Animal(s):
Hand or digital
 (Try to be detailed or I can choose for you :3)Pose:

Fuzzy Windybunny
Pose: Facing to the right wings held high.
Have a sky and grassy background
Please include detailed shadings!

Drawings will be immediately started once your comment is seen by me (jammer49612). I will do any requests I find any day of the week. If you want a type of drawing like no black outlines or highlights (shading) just include it in the comment. Depending on amount of requests, I will have in in by at most a week.

Best Examples:
 Animal: Fuzzy Windybunny
Animal: Awesome Arcticanimal

Finished Requests:

If you can't see already, my style has changed from when I made these. They may not be a reliable source for the sight of your request.


  1. Animal: My main Arctic Wolf. To get an image of it, go to and on the right side there should be my wolf.
    Form: Digital
    Pose: Something similar to the wolf on your blog title picture.

  2. Animation
    Animal: My fox with flower crown, designer skirt, elf bracelets, and raccoon tail.
    Animation: Singing to Happy, By Pharrel and closing eyes. Sitting
    Username: Cupcake00014
    Thanks I can use this to show people how you are such a great artist!

    1. animation: glasses going down
      animal: My tiger with a candy cane tie, jingle bell bracelet and diamond tail armor.
      Username: Coolanimal4102 :)

  3. You made me one of these and I didn't even ask for it and btw it's so amazing and cute I saved it to my ipad and who r u on aj? R u my friend?

    1. On animal jam I am jammer49612 and i just made it because you seemed like a nice person

  4. c2 Username: violet86271\
    Pose for penguin: one fin up \
    Animal: penguin wearing light blue fox hat, bow an arrow, blu tail armour

    1. That's suppose to be digital btw

    2. Question: Is that animal on your aj use or do you just want be to draw a penguin with that stuff?

    3. No I made that outfit up on my penguin I thought it might look nice and I love the digital pictures you make they look so cute !!!!!! I love them like I love the pic u drew of my bunny

  5. digital
    Pose: standing on to feet and paws in front
    Username: violet86271
    Animal: my bunny wearing orignAl straw hat, cream worn, and yellow heart locket necklace

    Is that all you need?

  6. Username:purplestarclub
    animal: arctic wolf with designer skirt, rare heart locket, high heels,headflower.
    pose: my arctic wolf dancing lile arctic wolves dance in animal jam.
    The colors of the items can be your choice:-) thank you!

  7. Username: wonderland13 drawing animal: Arctic wolf with Blue baseball cap, blue spike collar, rare red glove, rare light blue worn blanket, blue tail armor Pose: sitting down on the right

  8. I am koalaberry511. You should add a list of scammers to the blog. THANKS!


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