Friday, January 31, 2014

101th Post! - Plushie Art (Doing Requests!)

Hi Jammers! I have been looking through InstaGram and I found some styles of art like robot. I am going to be doing requests on InstaGram or just comment here what you want me to plushify. Here's my bunny.
:D you like it?
Don't forget to enter the contest!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hello, jammers! I was wondering if any of you have a water archway? If you do, please jam-a-gram me or comment below! This is what the water ones look like and any are fine for me! well, that's all for now! bye, jammers!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

My First Amination

Hi Jammers! I took some time and I made a little amination for you guys! I hope you like it.

If you have some time comment down below what you think.
Well that's all for now! Bye Jammers!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Friendship Party! WAY TOO PINK!!!

Hi jammers yesterday I went to the friendship party. I didn't want to post it because it seemed like to many posts for one day. So I am doing it today right now!
I combined all the pictures I got using a app called InstaFrame. It's a pretty good app if you ask me. There are some newly put in items like crystal Lisa and some birthstones, they don't have my month D: (March). Then they have some old items like most the fireplace area. 
It is still the same party icon for the last 2 years I think I am not sure because after the betas I quit for a while and came back June 2012.
Then near the starting point there is a big circle where you can party with your friends BFFs and even make new friends gender (I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!). 
The friendship party is my favorite store item party. You can get holiday walls! Yes you can get them when it's night of the phantoms, but you have to wait. The friendship party is the first thing to come and you don't have to wait much. Then have you noticed the rest are heart related. Heart tree, heart mat, heart window, heart table!? I am not much of a heart person and yes my main outfit has a heart that's because I like the look of the heart, but seriously AJHQ hearts. Don't go make jammers overloaded into dating on AJ because there are little kids and pre-teens (me :D). Then there are some teens but not much most teens are posting animal jam stuff and videos and are really liked when they do so.
Well that's all for now, Bye Jammers!

Monday, January 27, 2014

Hi, jammers! I am cupcake00014 and this is my first post!
I love my party hat and also my headdress. I will show you them on my arctic wolf and kangaroo. You can see me around jamaa as my arctic wolf or my kangaroo both in the pictures.
Also I thought of another great color combination for the headdresses. I was thinking like a raspberry color and you know the rare blue color you can get? Well, that color too. So it is my two colors except the white. And another one too is my orange tail armor colors. The light orange and the blue gems on it. So the colors are light orange and the light blue. Well, that's all I have to say for my first post! Bye, jammers!

Rare Flippers RIO

Hi jammers! It's jammer49612 here. I have been helping cupcake0014 with posting and getting pictures on posts. Now I am teaching her how to screenshot and yes she is new to this stuff so don't make fun of her. Anyways Today's RIO has rare flippers as the rare item and sence water item are over priced it will be a lot of gems.
Shell Helmet: 300 gems
Seashell Necklace: 250 gems
Propeller: 400 gems
Rare Flippers: 650 gems
Total: 1,600 gems

If the rare ever ends up to be a den item it will be called RIDI (rare item den idea).
And don't forget to enter the giveaway! I will put a link on a page of this blog. Bye Jammers!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

No Longer a Google+

Hi Jammers! I have finally figured out how to make it so I don't have to put my name! So now you will see me as Jammer49612 :D on this. This is just a quick little post so that's all for now. Bye Jammers!

Friday, January 24, 2014


Hi jammers! I have now put of the giveaway. Click Here to go to giveaway. The giveaway is like an Ispy game for which I am calling it ISpy Jamaa. Make sure to look in parties, water areas, and lands. More info is on the blog and make sure to enter before March 31st! Bye Jammers!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Hi jammers! I have gotten so many asked for my headdress and I have been think what animal jam should do about headdresses. There are many people who like to become rare and some of those people collect headdresses. If AJHQ brought headdresses back those people would quit. The solution to this problem is right in front of us; new colors. I have been thinking about what eight colors they should bring newly to jamaa and here is a list:
1. Black and white 
2. Red and brown
3. Yellow and tan
4. Normal purple and light purple
5. Blue and light green
6. Gray and light grey
7. Raspberry and red
8. Red and orange

If you think of any other great colors if you'd like you can comment them in the comment area below.
Well that's all for now, Bye Jammers!

Cupcake00014 Joins AJB

Hi jammers! I want to point out that cupcake00014 has finally made a google account and is joining Animal Jam Buddy! Well that's all for now. Bye jammers!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Got it Back + Update!

Hi jammers! Yesterday late at night I mentioned I wasn't able to get on AJ with jammer49612. My mom called AJHQ and someone hacked my parent dashboard and we have to say much info about my account that was true. After about 30 mins they changed it to a different email. And I changed the password. Lets move on to the update now. 
Seems like all of the dens are 50% off. I thought they made a gigantic den with those three dens. Unfortunately no, they did not. Let's move on to the next page.
This new way makes it squashed but I do like it. And some people are saying "THE ARCTIC CAVE IS GONE!!!" Well not gone but it was moved. Here take a look
It used to be here 
Now it is behind phantom door. So if you see someone freaking out because the arctic cave is gone tell them it was just moved.
This is my favorite part of the update you can now easily get into an adventure. If you are not a high enough level it shows the adventure gray like as so.
Then if you are a high enough level.
It's colored. Quite unique if you ask me. Now time for the next page.
Seems like there could be a owl and a falcon coming and maybe an ostrich too. Then it says gliding. FLYING SQUIRREL! Nope it shows a feather not a squirrel. 
I have been looking at the epic dens and they are quite epicly creative. Horray the friendship festival I love this festival so much! Well that's all for now. Bye Jammers!
Giveaway will be shown late today or tomorrow.

Unable to get on Jammer49612

Hi jammers. I tried to get on my account then it said I had the wrong password. I checked my spelling and it was the password I put in. Then I send a password change to my email and it says that was the wrong email. I get on my email and get...
I don't know if I will ever be able to get on my account again and I still have my items but I can't get on. If you guys know what to do please tell me. Bye jammers!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Wolf Cave

Hi jammers! I have finally been in the wolf cave. Good news! I got a picture of it!
Seems like Greely's Labratory. Or study room. Greely must have studied hard on the phantoms. He must be a genius! Then one of the book shelves say "How to Trick Friends and Manipulate People" seems like a scammer wrote that book. If only I could read the books and the blackboard or the letters.  Then the mysteries of the phantoms would be sholved. But still the mysteries still remain unknown. Maybe someday we will find out how to destroy all the phantoms just maybe. Well that's all for now. Bye Jammers!
Don't forget! Giveaway at 2,000 views!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Leg Armor RIO + A Mystery About Them

Hi jammers! RIO day! Now it is time for what some of you been waiting for a new armor outfit that cost no diamonds.

Elf Helmet: 200 gems
Leaf Necklace: 250 gems 
Dual Samurai Swords: 2,200 gems
Rare Leg Armor: 400 gems

I wonder why they made rare leg armor for when there are already some from the leap years party. Maybe some jammers annoyed AJHQ to make another or AJHQ felt like making a good RIM.

Well that's all for now bye jammers!
33 more view til giveaway!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Truth about Spikes and Member Gloves

Hi jammers! Today's topic is the rareness of member gloves and spikes. I am not talking about non rare spikes or legends, I'm talking lava gloves dragon gloves mummy gloves rare spike collars and rare spike wristbands. 
Member gloves did come out before spike collars but the thing is that spikes are not still being given to beta accounts but member gloves still are. And I mean returning beta accounts. When I returned on rberry I got a member glove but no spike. The winner of the rarer item is:
The spike collar.
Bye jammers!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Den Ideas

Hi jammers as I said yesterday I will post new den ideas. I am keeping my promise. Enjoy! 

Rabbit Forest Topiary
Trees: 300 gems each
Vines: 350 gems each 
Bunny Statue: Return of the Phantoms Easy Prize
Total: 1250 gems

Something Red
Candles: Out of store
Fire Pots: 400 gems each
Christmas Phantom: Out of store Replace with Red Plushie or don't have anything
Pillows: 75 gems each
Total: 1,000 gems

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Animal Snowy Forest

Hi jammers! I am going to show you a den idea.
It includes the newest animal type bush; lit toipary. A new big snowy paw print and 3 normal trees. So it rounds of the price to; 2250 gems. And you can do any animal I just chose the bunny because it's so cute! That's all for now I will surely show you much more den ideas tomorrow. Bye Jammers!

Fman Troller Fail

Hi jammers a fake fman tried to troll me XD!

Monday, January 13, 2014

RIO Monday! ^.^

Hi jammers! That day again. Well this outfit is not much a change from last week's RIO.
I only changed the foot wear
Now it is: 
Rare Sparten hat:(have from last week)
Rare Sparten armor: 750 gems 
Elf Bracelets: 250 gems
Tail armor: 4 diamonds
Total: 5 diamonds or 4 diamonds 1,000 gems
I have one question for you guys:
Would you like me to show you a story I am writing? I am gonna make it a siries the title is; Short Childhood.
It's about a young rabbit that got chased away from its family and must figure out how to survive on its own.
Well that's all for now. Bye Jammers!
Giveaway at 2,000 views!

Miniature Animal Glitch and How to do it

Hi jammers! I saw a miniature arctic wolf today and wonderfully they told me how to do it. Here are some pictures of the glitch.
Now the steps:
1. Sit either SW or SE 
2. Open up the join me game thing
3. Click four gem game
4. When someone plays with you quickly click the x and exit the game
5. You have done it but you cannot see that glitch on your screen but others can if they go to another place then come back to where you account is trying the glitch and
Wala you are minature 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Feather Meaning and More

Hi jammers the answer to yesterday's found poll was owl. 
Look at this glitch I found I got moved to the zone I could never get a crossed XD
Inside the arctic wolf cave.
Some random drawing I found.
Well that's all for now! Bye Jammers! Don't forget at 2,000 views is a giveaway, 160 more page views!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

The finding of feather meaning

Hi jammers I was looking at some comments on AJ spirit and someone said AJ everloop. I looked it up and found this.
I will show you the animal tomorrow. :)
The reason tomorrow because I am to tired and want it to be a suprize. Bye jammers!

Greely's Inferno Hard

An arctic wolf cave at the end of adventure (not behind wolf cave)
The prize in bottom right chest.
Unknown if glitch or winner thing you get after one certain adventure

The Update and More!

Hi jammers let's see...
Update! :D Now all you jammers that are new members from May 2013 or closer can have owls!
I think this should've came out sooner and not now.
So AJHQ I want you to know... Some people though ice armor would ONLY be from a gift card just like you said.
Ooooo could it be an eagle, falcon, crane or most likely a owl because of its white and black.
Only these worlds?
Forever alone
Then last but not least well second least glitchy wings. Well that's all for now bye jammers!