Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Friendship Party! WAY TOO PINK!!!

Hi jammers yesterday I went to the friendship party. I didn't want to post it because it seemed like to many posts for one day. So I am doing it today right now!
I combined all the pictures I got using a app called InstaFrame. It's a pretty good app if you ask me. There are some newly put in items like crystal Lisa and some birthstones, they don't have my month D: (March). Then they have some old items like most the fireplace area. 
It is still the same party icon for the last 2 years I think I am not sure because after the betas I quit for a while and came back June 2012.
Then near the starting point there is a big circle where you can party with your friends BFFs and even make new friends or...umm...dance...with...the...opposite gender (I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT!). 
The friendship party is my favorite store item party. You can get holiday walls! Yes you can get them when it's night of the phantoms, but you have to wait. The friendship party is the first thing to come and you don't have to wait much. Then have you noticed the rest are heart related. Heart tree, heart mat, heart window, heart table!? I am not much of a heart person and yes my main outfit has a heart that's because I like the look of the heart, but seriously AJHQ hearts. Don't go make jammers overloaded into dating on AJ because there are little kids and pre-teens (me :D). Then there are some teens but not much most teens are posting animal jam stuff and videos and are really liked when they do so.
Well that's all for now, Bye Jammers!

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  1. Yeah, ur right bout the dating stuff. Even people who are older shouldn't date on AJ. Can you imagine *shudders* "dating" a pixeled wolf?
    But I think the Friendship Party is more like Friendship thing then a Valentine thing. Hopefully?


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