Saturday, February 14, 2015


As you might have noticed if you're my buddy I haven't been on in a few days. Animal Jam Buddy has been hard to keep updated everyday and it has been tough to Jam on and post and keep up with grades in real life. I have been thinking about this for a couple months now and I have decided. I am going to quit posting about Animal Jam.

But don't worry, cause I still will be getting on! I just won't get on everyday or week. I might still do quick no-picture posts every now and then. But until my membership runs out I will quit AJ (Don't worry I got like 180 days left.) I will also be holding an Animal Jam Party for my birthday on the 6th of March and the party will be sometime on the 7th.

Also, I didn't just quit for the sake of grades I have a lot more reasons. It just hasn't been as fun as it was in 2012.

1. Now if you don't have rares you will get picked on and sometimes forced into having to scam for rares for a friend. Also most new items come and fun little old items are forced out having me to have to search like 4 hours just for a quick design...

2. Diamonds. AJHQ is abusing the ability for diamonds on EVERYTHING! New animals? Diamonds. New cute pets! (0/u 0)/ Diamonds ;-;
Every like one time in a year now, then give a non-diamond thing out. And guess what AJHQ stopped doing! :D
Non-member animals and pets...

3. New crap is replacing items from 2012. As you might see from my posts, I like to have realistic things. AJHQ is clearing out all our old cool looking items for just non-sense! I know this game is meant for younger kids, but I do know they know some people my age (12) still play and are probably the abundance of jamming in Jamaa. They also abuse this.

4. Allowing crap like scamming is well done now. Everyday I play I am trying to avoid all the scammers wanting my headdresses, but all I see in my mail is "GIVE ME YOUR HEADDRESS OR I WILL HACK YOU!" I just try to ignore this but every freaking day I get about 10 of these Jam-A-Grams. It like if you freaking want it then why haven't you freaking hacked me yet?! I don't give a crap about freaking rares. Be happy I didn't swear.

5. Just no. Every time I see a new animal is coming and they are like OTTERS ARE COMING TO JAMAA! I end up disappointed once they come. On every animal you see only 1/4 (25%, .25) of all AJ items look decent and not rushed onto the animal for the sake of bringing it out. In 2012, AJHQ did not bring out an animal every 10 weeks, like they do now, but they took time and did it about every 20 weeks and brang out worked on animals like the Snow Leopard and Arctic Wolves, you see more of these animals then all of the 2014/2015 animals combined...

6. Bullying, Rumors, Stupid lazy game breaking not fixed glitches. For like since AJHQ brought out safe chat for everyone, people found out ways of swearing, abusive words, and even "mating" words. In the game younger kids, 7-10 years old, are learning these terrible words from kids my age and take months to fix it and then end up bringing back old bad words. Then rumors, rumors, rumors, rumors. That is what the game is about now... JUMP ON THE BRIDGE YOU GET RARES! SAVE GREEN FOR LAST YOU GET RARES!?!?! DON'T OPEN CHESTS YOU GET RARES! What the actual crap guys, Why the freak do you make this crap up even though you know it is not true. Then the game breaking glitches like the blind time in Forgotten Desert have broke the game and have never been fixed even though they were not there to begin with, AJHQ stop trying to improve stuff if you know this crap is gonna happen.

I miss the old AJ for sure, I wish site bring backers were real so I could go back and play in 2012, Animal Jam's peak of new jammers. No rares, No new crap, No complete glitch crap.
Though it is AJ's worst time for new stuff, I have many jammers I want to thank for peace in these periods, social media and not social media.

Thank you 2fangwolf for literally almost everything I have enjoyed. I love all of what you do for all the jammers that are member or not. You are the one who kept me on AJ through all these bad times. And most of all, the greatest of all comments on my blog and replies to my comments on your blog. I cannot thank you enough! I will forever miss you! :')

Thank you Mimi5000, purplestarclub, violet86271, wolfprincess675, cutepups522, arcticpenguin661 for the great comments on my blog throughout my posts even though I haven't replied to all of them I have always read them and have been so grateful for every single one of them! I will miss all of you lots!

Thank you ihavethecat and chewiemaster for being the greatest and best of jammers on animal jam you have nearly always been there with me in all my adventures and just hung out with me for the longest and best of times!

Though I probably missed a whole ton of you guys I am always thanking you for everything! And if you want to continue on my blog I will always be checking my Animal Jam Buddy Tryouts document  and also my email everyday for any Tryouts if you want Animal Jam Buddy to continue! Click here to go to document!

I will always miss you guys.
Jammer49612 logging off.


  1. Same here i cant keep up with 1.Blogs 2.Animal jam my friends get mad at me for not going on aj 4.My real life grades.. 5.Well,There's alot more things but yeah..You shouldn't quit aj or blogging well,its your choice not mine.I understand AJHQ is being horrible with non-members,Diamonds,and MEMBER ITEMS :* im member but i get how you feel with that.I've been threw it to :P but don't feel bummed.Just because rares and stuff on aj i get its like almost nothing about Aj but don't feel like that over a pixel world,.Just to remind you. ~Bunny

  2. Wow, I haven't visited this blog in so long! :(
    I completely understand and agree with your reasons. It's as if AJHQ is just going downhill nowadays (which really stinks).
    Thanks for the featuring me. c:

  3. hey i just found this through your price tag AJMV i understand you are leaving well i hope you had fun jamming!
    and yeah theres bad people in jamaa but i say i dont care at least there is good people!


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