Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Flowers Update-ly? Chocolate Designs!

Hi Jammers!
Wow this is so late, AJHQ is about to update AJ in like an hour XD
so sorrys!

Today's item is the Primrose Bouquet (sorry for name block >.<)
XD but I do actually think this flower is kinda more cool looking because it has more shades :)
And I think every update AJHQ makes a new flower 0-0
Well, that literally look exactly like the one above just no color changing.
At least there is a nm verison am I right? :D
AJHQ be like: let's just take out a few flowers and WAL-LA! BRAND NEW!
XD I am just kids lel
Mira's Valentine Gift
Items: 4
 Chocolate Mira: Special Delivery Adventure
Carnation: Out of Stores! (Used to be 350 each) x2
Heart Roses: Special Delivery Adventure
Note: This design is best placed in a love, Valentine's Day, or Food den in the center of a deck or grass area
Chocolate Mysteries
Items: 5
Chocolate Mira: Special Delivery Adventure x2
Chocolate Zios Fountain: Special Delivery Adventure
Chocolate Arrow Fountain: Special Delivery Adventure
Heart Roses: Special Delivery Adventure
Note: This design is best for the same themes as design above and is best placed on the wall of an indoor or outdoor room.

Peace, Love, Math.
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