Thursday, February 5, 2015

Owls! The Miniature Eagles!

Hi Jammers!
:D I am back on good posting times for updates! Yeah!!!

 Finally you guys don't have to wait and be so very disappointed that they look terrible or weird.
To be honest I do still think many parts of the owl are weird, like the beak is just 1 see-able color which makes it look a little funky... Then head items are not on their heads, they are ON their faces =.=

 Omg best pattern ever! Come grow your very own beard in a click!
Gahhhh! I wuv it 0u0

Owls yes then can go to the adventure of that like popular adventure with the name forgotten. Umm AJHQ it has been our most successful adventure, I do not think forgotten fits the name too much now...

As like I said when the poll came out first for this update, I am fine that this came! It wasn't too over crowding, it has many good dens for the items, and it is great for buddies to hang out and have a fun little play near! I do wish we got the paint studio though because I didn't want to have to wait the see more art things in my den :)

 Then like every new animal we got ourselves some info booths! I usually don't read the books but I do read the museum  exhibits which offer so many interesting facts! You should really go check it out! :D

 I wonder how many scammers are gonna pick up their scamming on this day :\
It is sad how many people want people who are younger to suffer their items to just disappear from their view and storage. Most scammers I see are more older and in my age group (12-13) I do not scam though. Lots of the people in my age group don't see Animal Jam as fun, so they decide to choose fame, and not friends. This is really a bad roll model they are making here.

Aww yes! I love Wild Explorers! The first one was amazing can't wait to see this after school! :)
And it seems like Special Delivery has turned to the BETA's First Adventure, where jammers had defeated soooo many phantoms! Over 7 million!

New owl gif! :)

Peace, Love, Owls.
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