Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Art for AJ Rares is illegal to the AJ Rules!

Hi Jammers!
Yes as from the title, sadly AJ art cannot be for their normal commission way.
In AJHQ's Terms of Service they stated on December 4, 2014, in rule 11:
 Non-physical, digital items that you purchase for use in Animal Jam, including memberships, avatar accessories, den items, gems and diamonds are not property owned by you. As a result, you do not have the right to modify, share, transfer or sell these items.

I am kinda dissapointed about this new rule update since so many people have already done this and I will be updating some stuff I said I might do this to.


 Romantic Booth
Items: 6
Diner Booth: 350 gems
Fancy Bouquet: 400 gems x2
Passion Flowers: 350 gems
Carnation: 350 gems
Shoji Screen: 150 gems
Total: 2,000 gems
 Romantic Forest
Items: 5
Cherry Tree: 1,500 gems
Carnation: 350 gems x2
Seasonal Tree: 300 gems x2
Total: 2,800 gems
Note! The bonsai tree is a random item not in the design!

(Below is to the left too much, sorry posting on iPhone)

Peace, Love, Math.

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