Monday, January 12, 2015

Gems and Lonely Testers :(

Hi Jammers!
Omg XD I forgot rare iitems mondays could be at epic wonders,
I was searching forever! lol
 Today's rare is the quite too jewel-ly
 gem encrusted necklace.
Oh me gersh the colors are so cute on this! I had the prefect evil plan for an outfit muhahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ):3
 Wicked Witch of the Wild
Items: 4
Witch Hat: Not in Stores
Rare Gem Encrusted Necklace: 2,250 gems
Worn Blanket: Not in Stores
Elf Bracelets: 250 gems
Total: 2,500 gems
Note: This outfit is best for any kinda fun random parties in your buddy's house :D
Now usually in the Play Wild clothing and den stores 4 new items are released and 4 are taken out for the clothing then for den 1 is replaced with another.
Just today all of that strangely reset!
Maybe they didn't have enough items for everyday??
Ehh, searching needs fixed :l
Come on some BETA ppl have friends T^T
it actually rarely does work though. Only if they are or were closely on I guess.

Peace, Love, Math.

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