Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Arguing Den Inventory and Spinning in Play Wild (Video)

Hi Jammes!
I am sorry for lateness, my parents took my computer away until I started behaving.
I got really stressed...
Aww yeah! This item is so cool!
And and so many shapes and sizes! .O.
Wait a second. *Looks at large one in inventory*
He has created a fuss with all the others and don't forget the cloned snorerererer
It seems to have effected the AJ outfitters items yet the membership and gems make the right choice to stay out of their business.
Come back for updates and more news when we return on Animal Jam Buddy Live! (not live srys)
Mira's Spirit
Items: 9
Lit Eagle Topiary: 500 gems x2
Snow Fort Pennant: 400 gems x2
Snow Patch: 400 gems x4
Mira Emblem: The Great Escape Hard 
Total: 3,400 gems
Note: This Den design is good with any Mira spirited winter fashioned dens :3
And if you have an ice mira add it to center it looks good!

Hehe just some added music to a video showing a feature in the (Closed BETA) Play Wild app
Follow me if you want to see more of this Play Wild non-sense or just preview of the game itself!
(Ends when it goes to IOS in any update)

Peace, Love, Math.

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