Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015, Face it Were all Tired.

Hi Jammers!
Couldn't go early today cause I was having fun at a hotel last night for New Year's
with Cupcake :3
Ahhh! So tired!! And an update should have been today but just face it, (insert title of post due to laziness even though this is longer then it...).
Look I made a gif :D
Crab forgot to pic the gemstone, fffffffffffff!
Anyways... This item is great! Mostly cause I have a bias, it's my state flower :3
Gives out that fun romantic look to your den, if you use it in a way...
I wouldn't.
Then today's funny AJ thing takes us to the real world :O
Hehe, lets pixelate this into AJ XD
But seriusly giv me ur coke is min.
Where Holly Jingles
Items: 6
Carnation Bouquet: 700 gems
Carnation: 350 gems x2
Holiday Bells: Jamaaliday Jam Not Available
Small Corner Shelf: 250 gems
Total: 1,650 gems
Note: This Design is best placed in any corner walls
of a Jamaaliday or Winter themed den.

Peace, Love, Math.

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