Sunday, January 11, 2015

Yet Another Late Search and Find Jamaa Post!

Hi Jammers!
As you know, weekends are hard for me to post cause I have no reminder in the morning :T
And I haven't done one of the Search and Find Jamaa's in a long time!
Not gonna lie, I am so busy on the weekends I am thinking of starting Rolls for weekends.
Ehhhhh, but not now maybe next month or a few weeks :)
Or maybe next week 0-0
Most of you probably don't know, but this item is actually originally from the Play Wild BETA!
Then surprisingly the BETA app's verison is better!
You can actually change colors there here you can't lol what is up with dat.
Aww poor flamingo the price is blocking you head .~.
Flowered Flamingo
Items: 6
Carnation Bouquet: 700 gems x2
Carnation: 350 gems
Scented Candle: 350 gems x2
Pink Flamingo: 350 gems
Total: 2,800 gems
Note: This design is best placed in a spring or summer like den.
Or just a pool hangout party.
Best shown in center of open grass.
 Then now I shall show you a small part of my den That is my fav :O
Cool Fact!: Den Items can nearly go in all directions!

Only this den is allowed kinda makes me less creative here ;~;
Then it also seems like the bad chat thingy message has not been finished!
Baa!!! This is gonna really annoy me DDD:
Then also you cannot have a capital letter after a :
ends up making :D a :d
no matter what :T
Search and Find Jamaa
Seems like as sand as wet and dry.
To as you see with your bare eye
a plant as if from exotic places
Yet though made by a hot and dry ace

Firat to correctly name the place of this will win a rare/beta prize!

Winner will receive a mira statue :3

Peace, Love, Math.

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  1. The plant in search and find jamaa is in coral canyons next to epic wonders behind the saguaro cactus from the journey book.

    1. Yes correct! ^.^ Sorry for late response I haven't really been up to posting lately D:


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