Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Pic of Play WIld BETA + Not New BUT New

Hi Jammers!
I am not trying to brag or show off, but!
Yesterday I got the BETA stage of the Play Wild app.
I will show you a few pics of it
but not too much so I don't spoil it for you guys :)
Um AJHQ I think you are missing more on actual AJ then the Play Wild app.
But then I got to take that the actual AJ has like I don't know maybe like 100 more features XD
But seriously Play Wild is in beta and looks and feels like the actual AJ's beta but some games and items from later in actual AJ
Still has no new sign eeeeeee
Anyways this item is almost always cute!
It fits nearly every animal in AJ
All of the colors are unique
And it it it it... IS SO FLUFFYYYYYY!!!

 I am sorry to the game makers if they don't want me to post this picture if not you can anonymously tell me in comments or demand it taken down cause I do care about keeping this still fun to play when it comes out.
I have already had so much fun in it!
So far there are completely no major spotted glitches or bugs found by me or the other testers of this!
Only little ones that do not effect you gameplay too much.

As I heard from the AJ Spirit this game is set to come out the update after this
Sorry for short post >.<

Peace, Love, Play Wild BETA.

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  1. I had great time playing and chatting with you in Play Wild App! Btw pawsome blog! I'm going to follow it :3
    -Mimi ^-^

    1. Oh, your follow button doesn't work... However, I'm going to bookmark AJ Buddy ^-^

    2. Yeah that seemed to happen with another person. I have no idea why!
      I hope it is fixed soon. You were probably the best thing that happened to me on the app :)


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