Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Post Time Reguards + Pixel-ly Snow Leopards

Hi Jammers!
As you know I haven't really been posting.
It is not because I lost interest in AJ, because I TOTALLY have not! It is just that I haven't had a good time to do my school HW and fit in online stuff I have been assigned to do.
So I have made this schedule I will now and forever on follow:

Wake Up (6am): AJ Post/if possible
After School, Bus Ride: Math HW
Arrived Home: LA HW
Open Time before Dinner: AJ Post/Online assigned stuff
After Dinner: Other HW

Ah Yes I actually am taking pictures of the new under water items XD
Lol anyways these 2 items I don't like nor dislike. They are both just good in colors. Yet I don't like the type of items they are. Pick your poison I guess...
Not literally... metaphors...
The FINALLY AJHQ makes it so in a den you can have the red outlines!
omg totally worth wait 2 days after the update for 3 extra diamonds on the Daily Spin!
And also my den is nearly always open unlocked! All of you guys jammers are welcome to come wherever and whenever you want ^.^
Friendship Window Arch
Items: 5
Heart Window: 300 gems
Mat: 75 gems
Passion Flower: 325 gems
Fancy Bouquet: 400 gems x2
Then yes here is the pixel art animation of the week I made for you jammers! It is free for everyone as an icon on their blog, as their profile pic, whatever!
All I am gonna say is: DON'T CLAIM YOU CREATED IT!!!
I AM SERIOUS ON THIS! DO NOT! I will spam your blog, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Just don't!

Peace, Love, Math.

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