Sunday, January 4, 2015

Hi Jammers!
I was working on a MAP part yesterday and I also had a busy schedule as-well,
couldn't find time for a post!
Don't worry though cause I am sure I won't forget post often much more because right as I wake up for school I make a post! Helpful reminder for me :) School returns Monday!
 As for today let us welcome back our fuzzy slipper lookin' shoes :3
Though it does had a sort of repeating color, teal and green, these makes really good outfits for winter coat designs!
As it might seem to look all good, then details mess it up a bit. What's with the belt on the shoe???
Pilgrim hat much XD
 As I switch from my original den to my den design  den I encounter, walls.
Oh Mira XDDD
With a quick change from this glitchy brick to some calming sky wallpaper it is solved!
Hooray!!!! I did something :D

Leaving Jamaa!
 As days go bye our fun little panda claw counts our days to our next update
Leaving: Thursday
 Aww man! No!!! This leaf rug was great for my den :(
I don't want to have to trade like
Leaving: Saturday
 Umm I am actually surprised here,
Didn't baseball season end in Fall?
Or did it end now?
Idk I am not a fan of watching sports I like to
"Just do it" -Nike
Leaving: Tuesday & Wednesday.
(Not about the leaves)
 Yes! Now I don't have to look through all this humanic nonsense!
No offense is meant but just please tell me.
Do animals have hairdos normally?
Leaving: Next Wednesday, Next Tuesday, Next Monday,
Sunday, & Friday
Eagle Portrait
Items: 7
Lit Eagle Topiary: 500 gems
Carnation Bouquet: 700 gems x2
Carnation: 350 gems
Large Cactus: 200 gems x2
Mira Emblem: The Great Escape Adventure
Total: 2,650 gems
Note: This design is great for any animal featuring or presenting den.
Best placed out in center, left, or to the right of open grass outside.

It seems like someone in my current giveaway is trying to spam me with their storage account usernames. Remember! I only want 1 entry! The jammer who did this is lucky that I am keeping 1 of their accounts in the giveaway. Next one to do this will be completely removed from the giveaway!

Peace, Love, Math.

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