Monday, March 31, 2014

Showing of a Gif Animation

Hi Jammers! Last Post (click to view) I talked about my animations. I said there were 2 types video and gif. Here is a gif one I made.
Takes about 2 1/2 hours to make
The video ones would probably take a little longer but will be easier to show friends gifs on a IPhone, IPad, etc. because you can send it faster than a video. Trust me I have sent videos before you would not like how long it takes for those on a mobile.

Peace, Love, Math.

Animation Requests?

Hi jammers! As you might know I do animations and I would like to know what you guys want me to animate. Here are some rules for the requests:
1. It cannot be inappropriate.
2. It can't be too long.
3. If you want a certain sound in it, it cannot be money. I don't want to feel like I am stealing. If it's free send it to 
4. Try to make it kind of easy
5. Don't use characters that others own

For non sound animations just comment what animal you want to be animated and what action you want it to do.

If you want it in gif form please either comment your email or I recommend send me an email that you want it in gif form and make sure in the email that you have the information of the animation you want

I will probably post some requests with my Animal Jam posts.

Harder animations will take longer.

All animations are free at the moment. I might make them cost some Animal Jam rares from adventures.

Peace, Love, Math.

RIO Monday - DJ Bling

Hi jammers! Apartenly Animal Jam now updates 1 hour later with the item but not the spin. Werid right? Well, anyways I am tired so this post might be less detailed idk.
I go on Animal Jam thinking... Today's rare must be great! Tomorrow is April fools day!
*Logs in*
Checks stores… -_-
It's flippin' April Fools Day tomorrow and you don't even feel like making today's rare a bit April Foolsey?!
Apart from my rage I still have the RIO.
Quite pricey. The reason why I need more gems.
*yawn* well tha...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

MilkShake Hat - Wilderness Wednesday

Hi jammers! You know how I said I would be doing daily wilderness photos? Well I don't have much anymore since I came back. So I made just one day where I post wilderness photos. 
I have also decided to go back to posting the daily item in my posts. This doesn't mean I am taking off my schedule. It will just go with my posts.
Todays item is the milkshake hat. Hey this makes me think. It should be when u click it it you a milkshake to hold. LOL that would be great.
Now for today's post I will be showing you a project I've been working on...
I am working on a stuffed animal fox! It's a red fox, get it :D.

Peace, Love, Math.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

April Fools Party!

Hi jammers! Just barely made it to the party right after skiing. Which means, I can show you around for those of you who missed it.
Near the start we have a mossy grassland. Right here in many places you click you get a random item with you. Even from under the sea!
As you can see this is a place that is up side down. Let's go and check it out!
Hungery? We have solved it come have a milk shack, or if you go by the 3 second rule, have some spilled tea.
Just chilling by the… white phantom statue!?
Love the claw? Love plushies? This is the place for you! Plushies Galore! Mostly from the carnival, then some of the newly came out ones from the carnival.
Now do you love the beach? This will be to your liking. With towels, beach balls and maracas the sandy feeling will get right to you. We even have a… clothes stand?!
Kinda pricey if you ask me. Here are the colors.
Hehe breakfast burger
So many pictures. So long.

Peace, Love, Math.

Party Tour Soon!

Hi jammers! Just to let you know today is the first April fools party. Sadly we have to wait…

Peace, Love, Math.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

More Proof of April Fools Party Coming

Hi jammers! I started to investigate closer, so I find a little joke.
It says just kidding in the text. This means AJHQ was making a joke and what is April Fools day about? Jokes!

Oh and it says they will let us know gonna stop refreshing :3.

Peace, Love, Math.

Raging that Animal Jam is not open yet

Animal Jam - Update?

It seems as AJHQ has put Animal Jam under (ok I can't spell it and it won't correct me correctly).
But the thing is it doesn't say that it says updating. Could this mean they are bringing out the April Fools Party? A Early Update? A glitch fix? 
   Since I don't really have much to say yesterday I made a outfit. 
Cookie Warrior
Samurai Helmet:umm 250 gems? Nope 500
Sword: 150 gems
Tail Armor: 4 diamonds (for the one in diamond shop)
Total: 650 gems 4 diamonds or 5 diamonds

Then over at the Daily Explorer we find.... a glitch?
The picture is messed up the penguin is black and yellow I don't know if this is only on my screen or all over.
Here we see aspens and evergreens on the mountain side roaming it, exploring it, and living it. Amazing Fact: aspens share one root!
I hope you guys can find fun until Animal Jam is done updating.
Peace, Love, Math.