Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cloud Fortress - Den Design

Hi jammers! Still waiting to see if you jammers want me to return to daily items, your choice! For now on I will be having late posts often unless you want me to go to daily items again. Well anyways back to the topic.
Cloud Fortress
Giant snowy paw print: 350 gems each (3 in all for cloudy effect)
Pinwheels: 250 gems each
Ice cube chair: 250 gems each
A Cloud (any): 3 diamonds

Total: 2,050 gems and 3 diamonds or 6 diamonds

Try to trade with friends for plushie or cloud if you are saving up. 
For gem items, I suggest to play Return of the Phantoms and get all of those hidden chests. Or if you are not an adventurer, do some rounds of Best Dressed or Falling Phantoms.

Remember during the jamaalidays, were there were very few heartless scammers and hackers. Those good old days of the true AJ spirit AJHQ is looking for.
I hope you can still release some of that good spirit today and help non members by buying colored items for them. Or just send rares to random jammers. Remember even though the jamaalidays are over doesn't mean don't have any good in you.
Peace, Love, Math.


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