Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Animal Jam - Update?

It seems as AJHQ has put Animal Jam under (ok I can't spell it and it won't correct me correctly).
But the thing is it doesn't say that it says updating. Could this mean they are bringing out the April Fools Party? A Early Update? A glitch fix? 
   Since I don't really have much to say yesterday I made a outfit. 
Cookie Warrior
Samurai Helmet:umm 250 gems? Nope 500
Sword: 150 gems
Tail Armor: 4 diamonds (for the one in diamond shop)
Total: 650 gems 4 diamonds or 5 diamonds

Then over at the Daily Explorer we find.... a glitch?
The picture is messed up the penguin is black and yellow I don't know if this is only on my screen or all over.
Here we see aspens and evergreens on the mountain side roaming it, exploring it, and living it. Amazing Fact: aspens share one root!
I hope you guys can find fun until Animal Jam is done updating.
Peace, Love, Math.

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