Monday, March 24, 2014

RIO-Warrior Sharcoon + Daily Nature Pics

Hi jammers! Gonna fit in the post hopefully at a good time. Well today is Monday a.k.a. Rare Item Monday a.k.a. Rare Item Outfit.
Today we have one of the items in the jamaa journal. Could this mean… :O THE APRIL FOOLS PARTY MIGHT BE COMING TODAY OR SOON!!!
You see what I did there :3 I mixed shark and raccoon together. Oh and the eyes are that normal dark blue (not fogged) with the grumpy eyes. Or half circle eyes.
   As you see from ^^^. I will be posting Daily Nature pictures with my posts. Under the picture I will describe what it is. Here is the first one.
In this picture there are The Rocky Mountains in the background. The area shown closest is a ski trail. The type of trees are evergreens. Then the shade represents the biggest evergreen in this tree area.
Peace, Love, Math.

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