Thursday, March 27, 2014

April Fools Party!

Hi jammers! Just barely made it to the party right after skiing. Which means, I can show you around for those of you who missed it.
Near the start we have a mossy grassland. Right here in many places you click you get a random item with you. Even from under the sea!
As you can see this is a place that is up side down. Let's go and check it out!
Hungery? We have solved it come have a milk shack, or if you go by the 3 second rule, have some spilled tea.
Just chilling by the… white phantom statue!?
Love the claw? Love plushies? This is the place for you! Plushies Galore! Mostly from the carnival, then some of the newly came out ones from the carnival.
Now do you love the beach? This will be to your liking. With towels, beach balls and maracas the sandy feeling will get right to you. We even have a… clothes stand?!
Kinda pricey if you ask me. Here are the colors.
Hehe breakfast burger
So many pictures. So long.

Peace, Love, Math.

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