Friday, January 9, 2015

Partay Wolf + Basic Facts of Play Wild BETA app

Hi Jammers!
So as you read from the title, yes some more of Play Wild since you guys seemed to enjoy it a lot last time I posted of it :P
If you don't care for today's item in normal AJ just skip to the bottem
So as you can obviously see up there ^^ we got our selves the return of the Mohawk!
Yet though you all might be glad, I kinda am not
as you might be able to see the second and last color of the Mohawk look really similar
hue hue, maybe it will become a glitched item
*put on greedy rare face*
XD what the
This is how similar they look.
Maybe not too much, but it is a lot to me
Partay Wolfay
Items: 4
Jingle Bell Collar: 500 gems
Phantom Cloak: 2 diamonds
Elf Braclets: 250 gems
Mohawk: 300 gems
Total: 1,050 gems + 2 diamonds
Note: This Outfit is best for any rockin' parties
your buddies or you have goin' on :P
Planti-ful Fire
Items: 7
Carnation Bouquet: 700 gems x2
Fire Pot: 400 gems
Leaf Rug: 350 gems
Mat: 75 gems x3
Total: 2,075 gems
Note: This den design would best go with any plant life type dens
best placed inside in any corner or middle side wall
Fact #1

 Everyday 4 new items are brung into the Clothing store (on far left table)
and then 4 items will leave (on far right table)
The items that will leave next are in center

For the den items 1 new item replaces an older item on random days
so be sure to check every while :)
Fact #2

Everyone starts off with a normal small house den in the BETAs
but no other dens are yet to be seen so far

Fact #3

So far only 4 games are in the BETAs
Overflow                                             Long Shot
   Overflow includes 4 difficulty levels,     Long Shot is  like as the 1 on AJ,
               easy, medium, hard, & expert.          but you can do tricks to get 5 gems each 
        1 more then actual AJ                      Click and hold to activate tricks
              The harder you go for             also includes bonus levels with gems
            the more gems you get per path,     Like in AJ it has desert with grass areas
makes the game, 2nd best game for gems     to long wait this is the 3rd best game for gems
     Pill Bugs                               Falling Phantoms
        Pill Bugs is designed just like actual AJ       Falling Phantoms works like on actual AJ
3 difficulty levels, easy, medium & hard.              You wait out falling phantoms to win
  get more gems harder you go for      Can only get extra gem bonus through the sides
         Due to level's time taking                        No bonus's if you make it through clock
   This game is the worst game for gems        to short levels this is the best game for gems

Fact #3

Since this is 3D items can be spun in all directions and so can all the actions of an animal,
jump, dance, play, sit & sleep
this makes it so you can interact with players more greatly

Fact #4

Only 4 lands are able to be explored so far,
Just like how it was in AJ's BETA but it is missing Appondale
The following are missing: Kimbra Outback, Mt. Shiveer & Appondale

Fact #5

Your animals are customizable like as kangaroos in the AJ Jump app
Colors can be searched easier from clicking the color splatter and getting a circle of all the colors when customizing your animal

Fact #6

No members are in Play Wild so far,
People in the Google+ group the closed BETA workers created are asking for members though
The what crab legs guys?!

Fact #7

You can only get a Wolf, Monkey or Bunny so far

Fact #8

On some objects in the game red lines are shown
showing the areas that were left out in the coloring of the 3D object.

Fact #9

Your actual AJ account cannot be connected with the app,
nor will it ever due to many usernames on the actual AJ being taken on the Play Wild app
It would also take forever to create all those items
Over 10,000 items would have to be designed

Fact #10

Though the Temple of Zios is shaped like the lost verison,
it is still called Temple of Zios instead of Lost Temple of Zios.

Fact #11

You do npt have to include your email to get an account.
I am guessing putting in your email would be useful though
I have no idea for what yet though.

Fact #12

 You cannot recycle your animals yet, choose wisely

Peace, Love, Math.

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