Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sewage of Art ☺

Hello Jammers!
I am back from my long break finally lol.
As we hit soon to the next update as well,
hmm I am good at returns. Right now I am working on a large animation project as well that is 2 minutes long and I am hoping to finish on my B-Day March 6th.
Erm. Uhh. Well. This is literally crap  creative.
Then of course with this crap creative item, we have 2 pairs of similar colors =.=
Amazing... Also question. Why would you want an underground bathroom pipe plaza in your den?!? 
Then another piece of my artwork goes into jammer central.
What is this?! My 3rd!
Come on AJHQ! There are 100s of other jammers who want plaques!
Stop giving me them ;-;
Yes then now I have my new den for now :D
all of the trees at the bottom represent seasons :3
Then inside includes what I favorite and do in my free time!
much creative, such designing, lots colors, many Jamaa.
:O Only 2 days left! Come on jammers! (p.s. I am pretty sure they do it anyways)
Oh wow. On an update. How did I not see that coming? XD
Seriously this is probably not the only reason I got a pet panda. They are adorbs ^w^
Royal Portal
Items: 4
Wooden Arch Den Portal: 1,000 gems
Royal Archway: 700 gems
Carnation Bouquet: 700 gems x2
Total: 3,100 gems
Note: Thus den design is best place on the wall of the outside of a den in the center.
Best fitting den themes: Plant, Royal, Fancy, Nature.

Peace, Love, Sewage Math.

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1 comment:

  1. Gosh

    I have 14 artist plaques
    24 (no joke) online safety plaques
    at least 13 howl plaques
    and I used to have a news crew plaque (from trading)


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