Monday, February 2, 2015

Rare Heart Antennas + Free Friendship Masks from me

Hi Jammers!
Ok so I finally got my animal jam buddy tryouts thingy done
so if you want to join me and sorta cupcake in my blog over on the weekends

Ok this rare is actually pretty cute ^.^
the brightest white (brighter then normal animal color white) helps to give off the show of the item instead of hindering its view.
Then the purple comes to give a good adding detail also being brighter!
And then the pric..!...
Oh, never mind about that. 
 Playful Bunny
Items: 4
Rare Heart Antennas: 750 gems
Leaf Necklace: 350 gems
Leaf Armour: 90 gems
Kite: Not in Stores
Total: 1,190 gems
Note: This outfit is best for any cute themes and or valentines day themes, leaf necklace would be best changed if it was changed to its rare form.
Ok guys, I DO NOT need anymore of this.
Staph giving me rare friendship masks I am gonna explode!
Ok if you want one just put your username in the comments lol
first 4 to do so get them (1 per person jammer)

Peace, Love, Math.
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  1. Replies
    1. Btw my membership expired a few days ago but my mum is going to renew it soon.

    2. Ok I will just see when you are on or if I don't while your a non member I will just wait til you get a membership :3

  2. My user is Ilovedogs17852


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