Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Raccoons and Creepy Love

Hi Jammers!
Ehhhhh, sorry it is a short post :(
Welp, since I have been not getting too much sleep due to animating lately, I was in mind of quitting this blog. But then I saw how many people (even though it is only a few Smile) actually wait everyday to see me post! I could not let that down! I swear I will never quit on you guys c:

Heart Ring
0-0 I know it is valentine’s time… but seriously…. the extra hearts near the gem take this too far! Hmm I wonder how many “weddings” I will see now =.=
Guys… please… don’t… just please. You are practically fake committing illegal marriage, that just is so wrong in so many ways even though it is not the real thing.
Now little coon coon to make things much happier! :3
Omg I love how this came out personally *0* I never knew I could do stripes!!!! :D
Don’t forget this is free to use!

Peace, Love, Math.
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  1. That raccoon animation is so adorable! :D

    1. Thanks! Hehe I am thinking of making an owl animation on Thursday with the update ^.^


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