Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Got it Back + Update!

Hi jammers! Yesterday late at night I mentioned I wasn't able to get on AJ with jammer49612. My mom called AJHQ and someone hacked my parent dashboard and we have to say much info about my account that was true. After about 30 mins they changed it to a different email. And I changed the password. Lets move on to the update now. 
Seems like all of the dens are 50% off. I thought they made a gigantic den with those three dens. Unfortunately no, they did not. Let's move on to the next page.
This new way makes it squashed but I do like it. And some people are saying "THE ARCTIC CAVE IS GONE!!!" Well not gone but it was moved. Here take a look
It used to be here 
Now it is behind phantom door. So if you see someone freaking out because the arctic cave is gone tell them it was just moved.
This is my favorite part of the update you can now easily get into an adventure. If you are not a high enough level it shows the adventure gray like as so.
Then if you are a high enough level.
It's colored. Quite unique if you ask me. Now time for the next page.
Seems like there could be a owl and a falcon coming and maybe an ostrich too. Then it says gliding. FLYING SQUIRREL! Nope it shows a feather not a squirrel. 
I have been looking at the epic dens and they are quite epicly creative. Horray the friendship festival I love this festival so much! Well that's all for now. Bye Jammers!
Giveaway will be shown late today or tomorrow.

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  1. i cant wait to see what animals (birds) come to jamaa!! I hope it will be epic!!! I also cant wait for the friendship festival coming soon! Thanks jammer49612, will comment soon another time. Bye jammers!!!


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