Thursday, April 17, 2014

Terrible Wi-fi 'n' Updates

Hi jammers! Sorry I could not post I had tryed something new in the adventure leaving me to go to school without a post.
Cupcake00014 is extremely excited about giraffes coming back here is here outfit.
What do you like about Cupcake's Outfit? I like the way she matches the colors.
Our next page is a mystery what could they be? Must know! Looks at calendar to see when next update is... May 1st. Thank goodness it is not during my state assessment week.
Yeah I won't be posting May 5th - 7th. Sorry it just seems like tests are more important then posting. I mean like big tests not ticket outs or ticket ins.
This is what caused me to post late. I was doing the adventure and paid no attention to the time and I had to pack up and get on the bus. 
Something interesting about the chests the armor is in, is the order.
This is where the armor is and if u notice.
Its in the clothes order of the sort by thing.
The 22nd is coming up in.... A couple days get yo bags and pick up that trash yo see.

Peace, Love, Math.

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