Friday, April 18, 2014

Greely Dolls & New Pets!?

Hi jammers! Weekends are busy for me and I don't wake up at 6:00 am then, so the posts on weekends will be at night.
Today's new item is the final alpha doll, a very favorited Greely. :D
Choose your favorite, make it stand on a stone circle and surround it with fire drums and tiki torches and you got your self an alpha in an adventure with yo.

Yesterday's update included a mystery.
I went investigating and I was looking around at comments on videos about it.

One jammer said that they say the new pet out the day of the update and later on it was tooken out. 
The next day I look at another video about the update a comment said a jammer (please don't say their use I don't know if they want me to say it or not) had it. 
I looked it up, and they were correct.
Cheetah pets, snow leopard pets, and some other pet is coming!

Peace, Love, Math.

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