Sunday, April 20, 2014

Cherry Tree 'n' Rare Compete

Hi jammers! Hope you had a fun Easter if you celebrate it. If you don't hope you had a jamtastic day!
Todays item reminds me if my… old beloved tree. It was a crab apple tree, it was in the front of my yard. The first tree i ever owned. Then one year it had to be given away. Apartenly it was ruining what are yard looked like. It did not fit in and it was too big. 
My first tree is now gone :(
On better news, I am thinking of starting rare competes more often. My first rare compete was member gloves vs rare spikes. Even though member gloves came out first they were still being given to returning beta testers, making spikes the winner.
Today we have… *drum roll*

BETA rc car

Headdresses came out Nov. 2010 and got 4 new colors and the old ones in Nov. 2011.
RC cars came out in beta times. They costed 10 gems. They are called a "small" BETA.
Animal Jam is just like how economics works. Demand effects price. Headdresses are clothing items and more ppl like rare clothes then rare den items. RC cars are in less demand they are smaller than a bunny and didn't cost much.
Since demand effects price headdresses win.
So if u have a rc car and want a headdress add a medium BETA.

Peace, Love, Math.


  1. Jammer49612,
    The cherry tree is a cool item :) I wish I could get it.
    It's members only :( not being greedy but like, would it KILL AJHQ to make a few nm items that were descent?

    1. The reason why it is member is because it is large in dens. Maybe they will make a smaller verison of it soon. I also wish they brang out nm good items more often. I think nms should be able to buy them with a note saying u must be a member to place it in your den. (Nms should be able to buy member items but just not be able to use it is a summary of that)


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