Sunday, April 6, 2014

Snow Leopards and Fences

Hi jammers! Sorry for not posting since Thursday. Ever since the new plushies came out I have been trying to get all the snow leopards. Which I sucessfully have done, and now let's me off of that and able to focus on posting. I WAS ADDICTED TO THE CLAW!!! The circle of snow :DDid you know?... Every type of plushie has 10 in total of different kinds, 3 are rare and the rest are normal.

I might have all the Arctic wolves tomorrow if cupcake00014 lays them out.

Now for our day's item, we caught our selves a good spring-ish item
I have now put in a new picture of the size of the item. It's helpful to those of you who want tall enough fences or walls or gates are what ever. If it is a medium or small item I use my bunny, and if it's large I us my arctic wolf.

I hope u like the updates to my blog a new blog title thingy will be here soon!

Peace, Love, Math. (And spring)


  1. Hi I'm cristoferthebeta guy and I was wondering if u could sent me the snow leopared to my account I really need it

    1. Sadly I took that picture before I started to trade them away sorry!

  2. There's another NORMAL BLACK ONE FYI. Its in missblueberryseal den top room


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