Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wilderness Wednesday - Birds n Drums

Yellow jammers! Today is Wilderness Wednesday. I am also gonna see if my gif ed image will work.
Nope. Did
n't work :P Well anyways I am not much a fan of this and it doesnt really look like a "drum set".
It looks like just normal shells and coral to me...
This is a rock pidgeon. They are not common or rare they are uncommon. They hang around mostly cities, collecting what we drop, like french fies.

 This is a starling. I am sorry but i have not read much about these and I dont know their basic facts
This is a black capped chickadee. There is also a Carolina Chickadee which has the same look but not the same sound i couldn't hear it from inside, but I know it was a black capped chickadee for no reason :3 just kidding I know it by the obvious. They dont live where I do.

Peace, Love, Math.

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