Thursday, July 17, 2014

All My Requests!

Violet86271's Requsts
As you may tell I like to make a paw or claw mark with a the username and what pattern I think goes with their Username or Personality. :D I am so happy I finally got these done!


  1. Thanks alot! you are the best blogger ever seen! i love love love your drawings!!!! you are very talented!.claps.

  2. Thanks!!! i was just asking did you sent me a buddy request? the username that sent me the request was very similiar to yours. Im happy if you sent me a buddy request, its okay if u did'nt.and btw i accepted

    1. I did I have always enjoyed you here and I wanted to enjoy you on Animal Jam too!

    2. Thanks alot if there would be any '' kind jammers'' thing on animal jam, i probably would put you on it. you are very kind and nice:-)and fun!!

  3. Oh yay!!! You did sent me a buddy request thank you.

  4. I went to your den and it was soooooooo epic and cool! i wonder from where do you get great ideas like that? your den is like.... hunderend percent cooler than snowyclaw!!!:-)

  5. Ikr jammer49612's den is so so cool!!!!!


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