Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Umberella Table, Pest Control Tips

Hi jammers! Welcome to a new day! You know what instead of talking let's go straight to the item!
Today's item is the Terrace Table, which I like to call it umbrella table because that's what it practically is. But then wood and umbrellas don't go together so I don't think this item is to good in all. For then I don't think it really is worth 500 gems...
Today's tip is on a fun game on Animal Jam called pest control and I just want to show you my strategy for this game
Pest Control - My Strategy

Note: add 1 to 2 more if you have enough tokens.

Round 1: Place 2 snappers across from one another at beginning and end of track, then place 2 separately in middle.

Round 3: Place 1 frog at beginning, 2 in middle, and two at end. Make sure they are spread.

Round 10: Start to place lizards in corners of path. Have 3 Extras spreadably placed at end beginning and middle by round 15

Round 15: If you have not finished last step, finish it now.

Round 17: Place one snake at beginning, put 4 snakes in the corners of the centre bush, and 1 at end
This is kinda longer then I thought lol.

Peace, Love, Math.
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