Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Colors n Designin'

Hi jammers! Today is kinda a short post but I do have some fun things, so let's go see them.
Today's item is the next item to the terrace set! I figured: "You now what? Since they made a set maybe I should make today's design the terrace set." So I did and added a few more things. But I never change the original colour of the item of that day lol.
Terrace Greens
Terrace Chair X2- 400 gems (each)
Terrace Table- 500 gems
"Pink" Lamp- 50 gems
Mats X2- 75 gems (each)
Yeah pink you say. Why have you lied to us ajhq just why? Lol just kidding they really should change it to just lamp though cause you can say color and then item and have a color switcher. That just gives us a lie.
A couple days ago I was sewing and decided: "Hey you know what? Today I'm gonna make a cute mouse!" So I did and now you see it on this blog today! I still hope some day I can open up a new website to sell custom stuffed animals. But I still think I need more practice on it.

Peace, Love, Math.

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