Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Hi Jammers! Happy July! It is also a famous jammer's bday today. You know who? Snowyclaw's! (Thx for reminded Facebook). If you are reading this snowy, Happy Birthday!
Today's obvious item is the phantomy shaped ruby birthstone. The ruby is like the eye and the curves are like the tentacles of the phantom, you probably get it now.
Today's Tip is a den designing tip. If you put a Koi Pond near a stone path, it makes it have more peacefulness in the path's way. 

Oh! And I am now adding an Ask Jammer page into AJB. I have had a lot of jammers asking question throughout the blogs posts. If you want you can ask there or just comment on an original post like this one.
Yesterday's post would have been this outfit. It's the Topped Freedom Swordsman. The rare was the tie. If you are a nm then just switch the sword with a cape or nm sword or wings. 

Peace, Love, Math. 

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