Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Circles 'n' Tips on Racing Games!

Hi jammers! Well I didn't post yesterday because I was at cupcake00014's house and I was having too much fun with her to post! But don't worry I will definately post tomorrow because that's is ajb's anniversary!
Today's item is the most circular item in Animal Jam, well not really.. but it's the circular chair so.. Let's just say, I wuv these in real life! .D. But I don't think I can afford it, Ehh oh well :P
And blah blah blah this is the RIO for yesterday

The Lion Shark

Lionfish Helmet: SALE! 175 gems
Rare Nautilus Necklace: 750 gems
Trident: 300 gems
Lionfish Armor: 450 gems
And Today's tip is on the 2 racing games of Jamaa! Jamaa Derby and Splash and Dash! First Tip, If you want to get more gems unlock pro mode, to unlock pro mode you must be a member and win 3 games in a row!
Next tip, if you are playing Jamaa Derby don't waste all you carrots at start use them throughout the course and try to save one for the end. And now the last tip, If you have a actually super laggy computer I recommend you to not play these for you will miss rings in Splash and Dash and fall into things you jump over in Jamaa Derby.

Peace, Love, Math.
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