Monday, July 7, 2014

Sidekix gone & RIO- Samurai

Hi jammers! Today's is the day of the new rare of the week, time for dem outfit! 

Today's rare is one that I like! I am really into armor stuff! But I am still sad because today the elf armor left D: Hopefully it will come back but I doubt it. Goodbye beloved item, goodbye.
I made a kinda pricey outfit XD but this is probably an outfit I'm gonna keep! I don't know why but I just reall love it lots it's just wowing myself. Well hello new outfit. 
I also noticed AJHQ ran out of sidekix's. And I looked at Amazon, there were none, I looked at zoobies, there were none, I looked at the normal local stores, there were none. So I think sidekix's are gone for good now. Sorry to those of you who liked them and wanted one but never got one.
The role for Splat is still up! Look at yesterday's post for info about her! If I don't get an audition by tomorrow I will go look for someone who wants to in jamaa. Hurry and audition today if you want to be her role!

Peace, Love, Math.
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  1. Hey! aww so sad they ran out of plushies. hope they make more soon! and i tots <3 love this rare!


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